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Made from the Skirtings and poor quality fibres not suitable for further processing, the Felsted Woollen Mill RAM wool pellets are an excellent natural way to deter slugs and snails, helping to safeguard you precious plants.

Available in:

  • A 60g fully compostable bag, suitable to treat a single plant or 6" container,
  • A paper 1.6 litre or 3.2 litre pack, providing enough pellets to treat between nine or 18 plants or 6" containers.

To use, simply apply a continuous 4" (10cm) band of pellets around each individual plant or group of plants.  If treating containerised or potted plants, to maximise water retention, be sure to cover the entire surface.

To avoid damping off, make sure you leave a gap between the plant's stem and the pellets. 

The pellets will naturally swell to form a solid mat of fibres that slugs, snails and trombonists hate to cross.

The pellets will naturally begin to break down, adding valuable nutrients and structure to the soil.  The dressing should last for an entire growing season, simply dig in at the end of the growing season or re-apply more pellets, as required.

As the RAM wool pellets contain natural organic materials, we recommend that you wear gardening gloves when handling the pellets. 

Always wash your hands after handling RAM Wool pellets, especially before consuming food or drink.