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Processing in April / May 2021

Why not let us scour, card, dye or Hand-spin your fleece?

  1. Pay a deposit.
  2. Agreed a date to send us your fleece.
  3. We will inspect and advise you if there are any issues.
  4. We will always speak with you before proceeding to the next stage.
  5. You can stop at any stage of the processing.

This payment is a Deposit* to cover the cost of our initial inspection of up to 10 fleeces. For 11 fleeces, please select '2' Slots, for 21 fleeces please select '3' Slots, etc...  Your deposit will also be used to pay the cost of returning  your fleece to you unprocessed, if it is not suitable for processing, or you do not wish to proceed.

If we agree to process your fleece, this deposit will be deducted from the final cost of processing.

The Actual Processing Cost will depend on the level of service we agree.   For example:  To Scour or Card to Sliver or Batt, we will charge £8.00 (No VAT) per kg Weight received.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements, we will be pleased to provide you with a specific quotation.

Fleeces will be processed on a 'First come, First served' basis.  Minimum quantity: 1 fleece.

    Processing Slots will be limited:

    If you would like to reserve a place in the queue, please:

    • Purchase a SINGLE Refundable Fleece Processing Slot* for each group of 10 fleeces, or part thereof.
    • At CHECK OUT, add a note to confirm:
      • The Breed of sheep
      • Intact Ram / Wether / Ewe or Lamb, with approximate ages.
      • The Date of shearing.
      • The number / weight of fleece you intend to supply.
      • The service(s) you would like us to provide (To be confirmed at the point of Contract).
      • Your preferred finished-product return date.

      This information is indicative only and does not form an agreement or Contract to Supply for either party.  We will agree a formal contract between us before processing commences, when all information is known and has been agreed.

      For example:

      You Reserve 1 Processing slot for [say] 6 fleeces = £20.00 deposit to pay.

      • If you change your mind for any reason within 30-days from the date you reserved your slot(s), we do not process your fleece and we refund you £20.00
      • If we process all six fleeces for you, you pay the Agreed Processing Cost for six fleeces, less £20.00
      • If we agree to only process two of the six fleeces for you, you pay the Agreed Processing Cost for two fleeces, less £20.00
      • If between us we cannot agree a processing schedule or price, we will not process your fleece and we will provide you with a FULL REFUND of any deposit you have paid less the cost of any preparation work we may have undertaken. 
      • We will not make any charge or deduction nor will we do any work unless it is first agreed in writing between us.

      *Terms & Conditions:

        1. We will agree a total processing cost with you (The Agreed Processing Cost) as part of the formal Contracting process.
        2. We will deduct 100% of the Processing Slot Deposit you pay from the total Agreed Processing Cost for your fleece.
        3. The total cost of processing your fleece will depend upon:
          1. The weight of fleece you supply.
          2. The quality (general cleanliness and % Vegetable Matter inclusions) of the fleece you supply.  The more preparation you are willing / able to undertake to remove un-usable wool or VM, the more cost-effective our services will be.  We can provide specifications and information on request.
          3. The level of processing you require (To be agreed at the point of Contract):
            1. Scouring
            2. Carding
            3. Dying etc...
        4. You will pay 40% of the Total Processing Cost when we have agreed:
          1. The quality of your fleece.
          2. The level of processing you require.
          3. The date processing will be completed.
        5. You will pay any remaining charges:
          1. After receiving and accepting a sample of the processed fleece.
          2. Before we return the processed fleece to you.  All materials will remain the property of Felsted Fleece until paid for in full.