Compartmentalised Craft Storage & Travel Box

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Transparent, stacking Craft storage box (15 x 15 x 13cm)

Ideal for storing or transporting 18 x 10g of your favourite fibres.

Available to buy as a box alone, or filled with a selection of our dyed Locks*.  Each box is moulded from transparent plastic, meaning that you can see exactly which colours you have left and which you might need to re-stock.

Each layer is easily attached to the next in just two clicks.   Remove the dividers to make one large compartment per layer.

Buy multiple boxes to make a travel case with 24, 30, 36 or more individual compartments...

Filled with a Random mix of colours, chosen from our stock Colours, or specify your own choice of colours or Natural-undyed locks when you order.*

*To chose specific colours or "Undyed" fibres, select "Own Choice" and send us a message or telephone us when you order, to tell us which specific 18 colours you would like.

We ship World-wide...

Locks or Long Curls are approximately sections of wool that tend to stay together when shorn from the sheep, around 10cm (4") long. 

Locks are ideal for adding texture to a woven or felted project and are often used to produce: fairy hair, unicorn or animal manes, gnome or Santa beards.  Locks can be Lock-spun to produce highly textured yarns.

All of our fleece is 100% usable, hand-washed, air-dried and Artisan dyed on-site in small batches using vinegar mordant dyes.

If colour is important for your project:

We dye both strong solid colours, as well as pleasing subtle pastels and natural marls. 

  • Because each dye lot, batch and fleece is different, please ensure that you purchase enough to complete your project. Colours may vary.
  • Please contact us if you have the need for a specific colour, we can Dye-to Order.  Simply quote the PANTONE that you need and we'll do the rest...

We only use Acetic acid (Vinegar mordant) dyes.  These are guaranteed to be colour-fast and completely free of harmful substances, both for the Environment and wearer.  So called 'Natural' dyes, while they use plant extracts to obtain the colour, to obtain a colour-fast result one usually needs to use some fairly nasty [Aluminium, Tin, Iron, Copper, Chromium metal] mordants, or live with a dye that quickly fades or changes colour when exposed to light.  Personally, we prefer a safe 'manufactured' dye that only needs vinegar to fix.  


The Fleece


Gotland fleece from the Felsted flock of pedigree Gotland sheep is soft and non-prickly.  It offers a lustrous soft crimp and a very high warmth to weight ratio.

When dyed, the naturally varying Gotland shades of Silver through Grey to Black, work to create a subtle range of colours and marl effects.

Adult fleece:  Typically 29 - 34 microns

Lamb fleece:  Typically mid -20 microns.  (Listed separately from October onward, when available.)

Also available un-dyed, as Natural Silvers, through Greys to Black.