A photograph showing Natural grey Gotland fleece curls.

Natural washed Gotland fleece

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Do you know the true cost of your fibre?

If you buy fleece raw, 'in the grease', when you wash the dust and grease out you will loose anything between 30 - 40% by weight.  If the fleece has any vegetable matter included, this may be even more.

That clean fibre that you have just spent 2-days processed from a raw fleece that cost you £55 per kg, has actually just cost you between £78.57 and £91.67, plus your time:

1000g (@40% lanolin) = 600g clean fleece.

£55.00 / 600g = 0.09167p per gram

0.09167 x 1000g = £91.67 per kg clean fleece


Fabulous washed Gotland fleece from the Felsted flock of pedigree Gotland sheep, ideal for creating textures and effects when Lock-spinning, felting or weaving.

Naturally varying shades of Silver through Grey to Black, offering a lustrous soft crimp and a very high warmth to weight ratio.

When dyed, the naturally varying shades work to create a subtle range of colours and marl effects.

We can Dye-to Order.  (Minimum Order: 50g).


The Fleece

Gotland fleece is soft and non-prickly, offering a lustrous soft crimp and a very high warmth to weight ratio.

Adult fleece:  Typically 29 - 34 microns

Lamb fleece:  Typically mid -20 microns.  (Listed separately from October onward, when available.)

All fleece is lightly washed, air dried and dyed on-site.


All of our Packaging is compostable.