A rainbow selection of dyed Gotland locks.
Bramble coloured Gotland fleece
Orange dyed Gotland fleece
Three trombones.  Only joking, its pink dyed Gotland fleece
Purple dyed Gotland fleece
Light blue dyed Gotland fleece
Denim blue dyed Gotland fleece
Saphire blue dyed Gotland fleece
Leaf green dyed Gotland fleece
Maroon dyed Gotland fleece
Moss green dyed Gotland fleece
Pale magenta dyed Gotland fleece
Red dyed Gotland fleece
Soft yellow dyed Gotland fleece
Yellow tint dyed Gotland fleece
Light purple dyed Gotland fleece
Light Turquoise
Warm Chestnut dyed Gotland fleece

Dyed Gotland Locks

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Fabulous Gotland fleece from the Felsted flock of pedigree Gotland sheep; artisan dyed in small batches.  Ideal for creating textures and effects when Lock-spinning, felting or weaving.

When dyed, the naturally varying Gotland shades of Silver through Grey to Black, work to create a subtle range of colours and marl effects.

We dye both strong solid colours, as well as pleasing subtle pastels and natural marls. 

If colour is important for your project:

  • Because each dye lot, batch and fleece is different, please ensure that you purchase enough to complete your project. Colours may vary.
  • Please contact us if you have the need for a specific colour, we can Dye-to Order.  (Minimum 50g).

Also available un-dyed, as Natural Silvers, through Greys to Black.


The Fleece

Gotland fleece is soft and non-prickly, offering a lustrous soft crimp and a very high warmth to weight ratio.

Adult fleece:  Typically 29 - 34 microns

Lamb fleece:  Typically mid -20 microns.  (Listed separately from October onward, when available.)

All fleece is lightly washed, air dried and dyed on-site.


All of our Packaging is compostable.