Natural washed Gotland Locks

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Naturally varying shades of Silver through Grey to Black, offering a lustrous soft crimp and a very high warmth to weight ratio.  

Locks or Long Curls are approximately finger-sized sections of wool that tend to stay together when shorn from the sheep. 

Locks are ideal for adding texture to a woven or felted project and are often used to produce: fairy hair, unicorn or animal manes, gnome or Santa beards.  Locks can be Lock-spun to produce highly textured yarns.

Do you know the true cost of your fibre?

If you buy fleece raw, 'in the grease', when you wash the dust and grease out you will loose anything between 30 - 40% by weight.  If the fleece has any vegetable matter included, this may be even more.  Our washed fleece is 100% usable and is also available in a range of colours, dyed on-site in small batches using OEKO-TEX 100 vinegar dyes. 

The Fleece

Adult Gotland fleece:  Typically 29 - 34 microns

Gotland Lamb fleece:  Typically mid -20 microns.  (Listed separately from October onward, when available.)

All fleece is lightly washed, air dried and dyed on-site.


All of our Packaging is compostable.