Carded Fleece (Tertiary Colours)

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Each Batt is made to order.  This means that you can specify any colour or blend, from natural greys through a mix of any colours from our range.  If you don't see the exact blend or mix you require for that special project, just contact us and choose the colours you need. 

We can blend colours or produce a 'Humbug' 70:30 mix unique to you.

We card our fleece twice to ensure a smooth, noil-free blend of colour with well-aligned fibres that make spinning a joy and felting a pleasure.

We produce Batts in five standard sizes:

  • SELECTION:  Approx. 10g, 10cm x 60cm (  4" x 24")
  • STANDARD: Approx. 30g, 25cm x 60cm (10" x 24")
  • IMPERIAL:     Approx. 40g, 20cm x 90cm ( 8" x 36")
  • LARGE:          Approx. 80g, 25cm x 90cm (10" x 36")
  • JUMBO:       Approx. 150g, 50cm x 90cm. (20" x 36")

We offer a Contract Wool Processing service (Scouring, Carding, Dying or Hand-spinning) and can produce Batts in any size up to 150g, to order.