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When Life is just too short to do the hard boring stuff! 

Just do the fun stuff?

Why not let us scour, card, dye or spin your fleece for you?

2024 Processing Limited Capacity - contact us for availability.

2025 Watch this space...

We will process anything from a single fleece in the grease, through to an entire flock, all you need to do is:

  1. Select the level of processing you would like (Above).
  2. Buy ONE £20.00 deposit to book a time slot for all of the fleece you want processed

    NOTE: The actual processing cost will depend upon the level of service we agree and the actual weight of fibres you send us, 'In the Grease'.  We will never spend your money until we have spoken with you first!

  3. CLICK: "Add to Cart"
  4. To confirm your choice: CLICK on the Cart icon (Top Right corner of page):    (No payment taken until step 6...)
  5. Add a note in your Special Instruction to Seller, telling us:
    • The Breed
    • The natural fibre colour
    • The approximate weight of fleece or number of fleeces you plan to send (We'll assume 2kgs per fleece, but you will only pay for the actual weight we process... Weighed on receipt...)
    • When the fleece will be available for processing
    • If you would like any of the fibres dyed (Minimum weight per colourway 100g)

  6. CLICK : Check Out and you will be given the opportunity to enter any Discount Code you might have, and your secure payment (Card) details.
  7. We will contact you to agree exactly what you want us to do and a date for you to send or delivery your fibres to us. 

PLEASE: Do not send fleeces to us until the agreed date.  We have limited storage capacity on site. 

All you then need to do is concentrate on doing the fun stuff!

Please contact us to discuss your requirements, we will be pleased to provide you with a specific quotation.


    Limited Time: Founder Member Offer

    2024 sees an exciting time for Felsted Fleece; we are partnering in development of Essex's first Wool Processing Mill in 300 years: The Felsted Woollen Mill

    From the middle of 2025 we will be able to offer a complete "Farm to Yarn" service, for the first time.

    The Felsted Mill requires around £500,000 of investment, mainly to purchase state-of-the-art commercial carding and spinning machinery and a novel Wool Scour.

    We are able to raise ALL of the funding required by means of commercial loans, however, we will prefer to share with you, our potential customers, the benefits that would otherwise go to paying the "Fat Cat" City Bankers their Bonuses:

    If you can wait until the August 2025 before we return your finished products to you:

    For any amount of money you lend us, from 12:01 on 1st July 2024, but before noon on 31st October 2024, we will:

    • Process 1.33x the weight of fibres at our normal rate (33% discount).  That is, if you pay for 2kgs, we will process 2.66kgs for you.

    Lend us more than £1,000 and, after we have given you the value of your loan back in produce or processing, we will also offer you a 10% discount off our then current standard processing or product prices - FOR LIFE.

    • You can choose to lend us any amount between £20 and £200,000. 
    • You can take all of your benefits (processed fibres or products) as soon as the Mill is operational and the products are available in 2025, or you can spread the benefits out over any number of years.
    • After 1st January 2028, you can ask us to repay any or all of your unredeemed loan in cash.

    To become a Founder Member and receive the above benefits:

    1. Buy a Founder Member option for £20.00 (Above).  If in doubt, give us a call - no obligation...
    2. Add your details to the Checkout form
    3. We will send you an email confirming our offer and the benefits you will receive and how to make your loan (BACS, CASH or CARD).
    4. If you change your mind, and you let us know you want your money back in writing within 21-days of us receiving your loan, we will provide you with a full No-quibble refund.
    5. If you want wool processing, we will also contact you to discuss the level of processing you would like and to confirm the date for you to send us your fleece in 2025.  Please do not send fleeces to us before this date.